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A digital agency deals with the promotion of a company, the improvement of digital communication, the creation of optimized content…

Design and prototype

You should consider designing a prototype before designing your website. This service aims to test the content and design of the future Internet portal.

Web design and apps

There are several categories of web applications: the static web application, the dynamic model, the e-commerce model, with content management and portal.

Digital marketing

To optimise the visibility of a site, like how did, there are: the purchase of keywords, natural financing, the development of advertising banners or partnerships.

Inbound Marketing based content strategy

Inbound marketing is about attracting customers through content creation and personalised experiences. To build an inbound marketing strategy, you need to get to know yourself, your customers, measure results, and create content that integrates the customer journey.

The objective of the inbound marketing strategy is to attract prospects through the publication of targeted and relevant content. It should not be confused with outbound marketing, which solicits e-readers with advertising that captures a large, undefined target audience, like th case of A webinar based on a specific theme is an example of inbound marketing. It is aimed at a certain target.

Organic SEO, an in-depth work

Organic SEO is a lever of exposure and growth for businesses.

A structured website

To optimise the architecture of a site, make sure that the source code is perfectly adapted. Give preference to the design of a tailor-made site.

A publication strategy

The publication strategy is used to define future content marketing actions. This strategy offers maximum visibility to the company.

Quality netlinking

Provide quality hosting to optimise the SEO popularity of a web portal, boost sales and generate visibility.

Practices for a sustainable
web optimization

Secure and efficient web hosting

Compatible with all CMS

There are several content systems: Drupal, Joomla, WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify… The advantage of CMS is that they offer users a simplified way to create a website.

Unlimited domain name and subdomains

Find a perfect and available domain name by using a domain checker. Web hosting offers you to get your domain name by choosing the right extension. Among the most famous are .com and .fr.

E-commerce, the right investment

A unique visual identity

Use the services of a digital agency to create the visual identity of your e-commerce portal. To make your investment profitable, opt for a responsive web design.